Petro dollars have funded the new face of Russian Football. But at a cost. A lack of opportunity and a feeling of distrust has set in amongst the next generation of young players. So we sparked a revolution across the korobka (cage) football pitches, to shine a light on fast and fearless football and inspire belief that anyone can rise to the top if they risked everything.

We kick started this movement by inspiring over a million and a half viewers with the story of Kirill Laptev. The Nike Chance winner who also came from the Korobka, and put everything on line to make it pro.

Russian rapper L'One created the rebel soundtrack of the korobka movement, shared it on itunes to over a million listeners.


We recruited on over 1000 Korobkas. 3000 players signed up across the 10 districts of Moscow.


Finals were held at the Nike Football Korobka where the energy exploded. 1 million visitors passed through the gates. 20 epic days of phenomenal football.


The winning team were commemorated on their own Korobka through an animated Gif-Iti mural by renowned graffiti artist's INSA and Smug One. The rebels have risen up, and have now been given places at the Nike Football Academy.